VS.Galleytrot (The Hayle Coven Novels) VS. Dog (Clone Chronicles)

Each week, you, dear reader, will be asked a tough question—to choose between two characters. This week, we’re looking at canine companions.

Both of this week’s VS. competitors are faithful, shaggy boys who do what they can to support those around them, especially their leading ladies.

Galleytrot got off to a bit of a rocky start, being under the influence of the Moromonds and all. But he really got his act together, helping Syd with her Wild Hunt problem and, with the appearance of Liam, stepped up to do his part to protect the Gate and its Keeper. A great friend to have in a fight as well as a solid shoulder to lean on, is Galleytrot your choice for girl’s best friend?

What about Dog? Trio rescued him and his puppies from certain death, his at the hands of the Brights and the babies from starvation. His brilliance and absolute faithfulness to her is a testament to his massive heart. Practical, thoughtful and always looking out for his friend, is Dog the best at being a furry sidekick?

There you have it—loyalty on four canine feet. Which competitor did it better? And who wins this week’s VS.?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I LOVE GALLEYTROT. I always wanted a dog that could talk, break werewolf bonds and and be part of the Wild Hunt

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