Ameline Benoit VS. Solo (Clone One)

Each week, you, dear reader, will be asked a tough question—to choose between two characters. This round, I’m continuing the bad guy theme and asking who is a more fitting opponent.

Both of this week’s VS. competitors have goals for domination and creating the world in their image. But only one can be the victor when it comes to not only absolutely evil, but using that evil to the best advantage.

For Ameline, raised by the Dumont family, it seems she never had a chance to be anything but cruel and manipulative. Her charisma and total lack of empathy make her a chilling choice, while her focus and determination give her a powerful edge. Her very practical, analytical nature is all the more dangerous considering the power she’s accumulating. But is her obsession with Syd her Achilles heel?

And Solo? The first clone in the series, she was created from perfection, though the process wasn’t quite up to her DNA. Birthed from a machine, she is also a sociopath, empathy missing, goals set and defined by her creation. Unlike Ameline, Solo’s mind is broken, though her insanity only adds to her brilliance. Her need for her sisters to join her in world domination is as powerful as her drive to create humanity in her twisted image.

So, focused evil of two different kinds. Which competitor did it better? And who wins this week’s VS.?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Definitely believe that Anemone would have to be the better villian …not to say that Solo is not a good competitor.

    • Solo creeps me out, while Ameline is more hateful while still being oddly appealing…

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