VS.Samuel Brindle VS. Liander Belaisle

Each week, you, dear reader, will be asked a tough question—to choose between two characters. This round, it’s about evil brilliance.

Both of this week’s VS. competitors are the purveyors of doom and destruction. But only one can be the victor when it comes to not only being brilliantly evil, but using that brilliance to take over the world.

For Samuel, as an English lord and sorcerer with ties not only to the most powerful coven in London for his time, he’s also the leader of the Brotherhood, a terrible sect bent on the destruction of all other magicks. His plans include using Auburdeen Hayle and her newly wakened sorcery to achieve world domination. With stealth, cunning and oily charisma that fools most of those around him, Samuel Brindle’s influence and power make him a fitting adversary.

But what about Liander Belaisle? Generations ahead, the thorn in Syd’s side, this current leader of the same Brotherhood has his own plans. With fingers in pies from witch to vampire to normals themselves, is Liander’s power more influential and is his personal bearing a match for Samuel?

So, evil brilliance of two different kinds. Which competitor did it better? And who wins this week’s VS.?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Liander, for sure.

    • He is all kinds of nasty…

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