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Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
First Appears: Smoke and Magic
Series: Blood and Gold Trilogy

The son of Lord and Lady Brindle, Hugh may have been born first to the coven leader of the Brindle family, but his younger sister, Kate, is destined to be heir. Clumsy and awkward even as a child, Hugh’s lack of magic, born latent, sets him even further apart from the rest of the Brindle clan, leaving him to feel the outsider. Resentment and the burning need to prove himself often end in tragedy and failure for Hugh, public humiliations that only feed his loneliness. He does his best to keep his hurt hidden behind a mask of civility, simple to do around a mother who still treats him like a child.

When he hears they are to have a visitor all the way from America, Hugh finds his heart waking. Even more so when he sees her first, a vision of beauty with her deep red hair and flashing blue eyes, her spirit in clear evidence. In that one moment, while he stares at Auburdeen Hayle, Hugh Brindle falls in love and swears to himself he will do whatever it takes to make her love him, too.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
I am a YA and Middle Grade novelist on the East Coast of Canada. Look for The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, (Acorn Press); The Hunted series, plus many, many more as I fulfill my dream of world literary domination.

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