From cover to cover, Patti Larsen draws you into a world where the impossible is an everyday occurrence and the unbelievable is an acceptable reality. Patti’s characters are engaging, capable kids thrown into circumstances to challenge the toughest of fully grown adults. Still, they make you laugh out loud, they make you grip the edge of your seat, and they even make you want to scream at them “NO!” They also make you shed a single tear or sob your heart out. But when they leave you, you’ll miss them and you’ll crave more. It doesn’t matter if you prefer romance or horror, genre hopping is one of Patti’s many talents and it’s exciting to explore a new paranormal sub-genre by the hand of a favorite author. If you pick up a YA Paranormal by Patti Larsen, I guarantee you won’t want to put it down, not even when you’ve reached ‘The End’. –Erin Cawood, author