Sass from the Cat: GIVEAWAY!

He’s back! Our beloved Sassafras is over his snit and ready to… um.

(Tail swishes, amber eyes flare)

Sorry, right. Sassafras has kindly agreed to return on the promise we never mention the Galleytrot and Syd incident ever again.


Anywhoo, he has a very special announcement for you all and can’t wait to share. Can you, Sass?

Indeed. As it turns out, I’ve recently come into possession of the very first copy of my softcover novelIt’s adequate. But I’m feeling generous and thinking perhaps one of you might like to own it. Signed, naturally.

Wow, Sass! That’s so sweet of you.

I’m even going to throw in a Hayle Coven family tree insert. She can sign that one.

Thanks a lot. So, what do they have to do to enter the contest, Sass?

Simple. (swipes tongue over paw and rubs nose) Tell me your very favorite scene from my book. How I made you weep. Laugh. Become enraged. Et cetera.

Sounds pretty straight forward, Sass. Um, but what if they haven’t read your—


Gotcha. Okay, gang! You heard our favorite demon Persian. Quotes, moments, you name it. Hit us with your most cherished memories of Sassafras and you’ll be entered to win this very special copy of his book. The draw will be held on Friday, May 24th.

Happy Friday!

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I am a YA and Middle Grade novelist on the East Coast of Canada. Look for The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, (Acorn Press); The Hunted series, plus many, many more as I fulfill my dream of world literary domination.


  1. I haven’t read it yet! But it’s definitely sitting on my kindle waiting and screaming at me to read it! I absolutely love Sassy! He’s snarky and bossy and full of love.

  2. I haven’t had the opportunity to read one of your books yet but I would love to. I love that they involve cats and sound like great story lines!

  3. I just love his I rule the world attitude.

  4. I haven’t read this yet, but it’s been on my TBR list for a bit now.

  5. Sass I just found you through author T.G. Ayer, Author so I have not got to read anything about you yet. I really love a chance to win your book. You sound like a very interesting cat from reading about your book.

  6. Sass, you have just the attitude to make it in this crazy world we live in! Would love to have HALF your tenacity! Sass on, sister cat! (Oh, and I would just LOVE to win your book to get more pointers! LOL)

  7. I love the sassyness. 🙂

  8. I love how Sass stood by the Hayle coven women through out this novel. Through each character you could see the connection he shared with them. Some points were heart breaking with all Sass had to endure from being alone on the street. To losing the one he loved most. How could you not love Sass and his so many attributes .

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