The 20 Books of the HCN: #20 The Last Call

20daysofHCN-Day20This is it—book twenty. Let’s finish this in style…

In the original version, Ethpeal was supposed to die. But I just couldn’t bring myself to let her go. She’d been through so much, I begged Syd to save her. Yes, as I’ve said, Syd dictated everything and I didn’t usually get a say. In this instance, she caved, too.

The second plan was to have her join Fergus in the Sidhe realm after her power was gone. But when it finally came to it, I understood more about Syd’s wonderful, quirky grandmother than I ever had before. I can’t wait to write Ethpeal’s book when she was an Enforcer. Her story with Demetrius and Ivan is massive.

And now you know how much I love happily ever after… For those who wondered who Syd would end up with, was there ever really any doubt? There really wasn’t. From the moment they met, from the instant she laid eyes—and magic—on him, I knew they would be together. True love is meant to be tempered with trials—makes it all worth it. 🙂

Something You Might Not Know—I wrote the last line of this book when I was working on The Long Lost. That’s right. Ethpeal woke me in the middle of the night with her death scene and Syd kept me up for hours, working through the ending. Right down to the final line.

Now, let’s hear your Twentieth and final Book of the HCN lines! Remember, the lyrics have to have something to do with the book in question—so keep the subject matter as close to The Last Call’s content as you can.

Don’t forget, you can share here or on my fanpage! There will be a winner each day, chosen at random, among those who offer up their own lyrics. I’ll compile the list from both the Facebook fanpage and here, so get writing!

And at the end, I’ll be drawing from all the contributor’s names for a very special grand prize pack of fun swag and gifts, including:

Oh. My. Swearword. Keychain
Signed copy of Family Magic
Signed Family Magic postcard
and fuzzy socks a la Ethpeal
And if you’re feeling especially brave… I’m offering some AMAZING prizes for those who record their OWN songs based on Syd and the HCN. See the video below for an example:

Feel free to choose any song you like and adapt it to Syd and her wacky family. YOU COULD WIN one of three FUN prize bundles:

1st Prize—the first four books SIGNED! By me!

2nd Prize—a signed copy of Family Magic and a pair of Ethpeal’s fuzzy socks!

3rd Prize—an Oh. My. Swearword. keychain and Ethpeal’s fuzzy socks!

This end of the year extravaganza will wrap up with me singing the final version of the Twenty Books of the HCN. Can’t wait!

Happy Sunday!

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