Blogging with the Students at Englewood School

Last spring, I was approached by one of the amazing teachers at Englewood School here in my home province of Prince Edward Island. Mr. Butler had begun a blog program for the student body and invited me to participate.

I was more than happy to do so, delighted to find topics ranging from hockey to ghosts to bullying and everything in between. The student dedication to blogging, their insightful comments and eagerness to join in on conversations made the program a huge success.

When Mr. Butler invited me to come speak to his students about my life as a writer, I jumped at the chance. The kids I met blogging over the course of months now had faces and were generous and curious about me.

Two of the students chose to create book trailers based on my novels. The first is for Fresco, by Sean Lawlor:

The second is by Shamus Warren for RUN:

Didn’t they do an amazing job?

I enjoyed an afternoon with the students, speaking to them about my work as well as having lunch and sampling delicious snacks they made themselves, including this amazing cake, also baked by Sean.

Patti Cake

Sean did an incredible job baking and decorating this Diamond City cake!

I meant to post this in June after seeing them, but life got away with me, as it often does. When Mr. Butler contacted me and asked me to participate again this year, I agreed immediately. And finally remembered to put this post together.

So, Monday, December 2nd, I’m off to Englewood School again to celebrate the opening of this years blogging program. Can’t wait to see what the kids come up with!

Happy Sunday!

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