Take Your Writing to the Next Level with Patti Larsen

After publishing over 100 novels, and years of authors asking me HOW I do it, I've decided to let you in on some of my secrets to success. As writers, we need to commit to learning, expanding our understanding, and understanding how to take what we’ve created and give it an extra edge that sells!

I have created an TWO courses to help you through the journey from idea to finished novel:

My 9-module Outlining Course teaches my custom Outlining method and will take you from the first gem of your idea all the way through to completing your novel.

My 9-Module Writing Skills Course teaches how you can tackle the most glaring errors while adding to the depth and richness of your writing, as well as help you polish your novel in preparation for query and/or to work with an editor.

The Get Your Book Done with Patti Larsen: Outlining series is a must have for any writer struggling with getting their ideas together and focusing on organizing their novel before they even begin to write a single word of their novel. -Alexia Purdy I needed a system that would help me write a well thought out novel quickly without missing important pieces or having to drop or rewrite major sections. That’s where Patti Larsen’s courses were a life saver! -Kimberly Kinrade


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If you truly want to get your book done, then buy Patti’s e-courses. -Eden Baylee


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