Pick Me

This list will grow over the next few weeks, so bear with me as I add all kinds of awesomeness…

People You Will Want to Work With Forever

Annetta Ribken, Editing Goddess: I’ve worked with editors, and then I’ve worked with Netta. Twenty plus books later, I can easily say with great enthusiasm I’ve never loved my job more and she’s part of that reason. 

Freelancer writer and editor Annetta Ribken has been writing since a tender young age, when letters were chiseled on stone tablets. A precocious student, Annetta earned her Ph.D in the School of Hard Knocks, with honors, in the early Age of Disco. Her mission: to take over the Universe, one word at a time. She lives and works just outside of St. Louis with her evil feline overlord, a rescued shelter cat named Athena. 

Find her at www.wordwebbing.com 

Valerie Bellamy, Interior Beauty and Cover Love: I’ve known Valerie for most of my life, but more on a personal level than professional. And yet, when I needed to hire an interior designer and someone to create covers for me, I didn’t hesitate a moment. Her work ethic is unparalleled and I adore working with her.

The official bio reads “Valerie has worked for over twenty years as a graphic designer, production artist, print buyer, and production and project manager in printing and advertising/marketing.”

Translation: Valerie has spent twenty years on-the-job training with some of the most awesome and creative advertising, marketing and printing professionals in Canada. Valerie’s passion for great design, branding and books gets all rolled into one package….professional cover and interior layouts for indie authors.

Valerie feels blessed to live on the breath-taking east coast of Canada, just steps away from the ocean, with her incredibly patient and supportive husband.

You can check Valerie’s work out at: www.dog-earbookdesign.com

Christina G Gaudet, Artistic Genius: Her art graces my covers, but her professionalism and good humor make her one of the most wonderful people I work with.

Christina G Gaudet is the author of young adult novels with a magical twist. When not writing, Christina can be found working on comics, illustrations and designs. She has a special interest in working with authors to create websites, covers, and interior designs of books. She grew up and continues to live in Prince Edward Island, Canada where having red hair instantly makes you famous.

To see some of Christina’s designs or to find out more about her, visit www.ChristinaGGaudet.com

Awesomesauce Authors I Adore

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Blogs You Have to Read Before You Die

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Mistress of Immodesty

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