How To Outline YOUR Bestseller!

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Are you trying to write the book? Do you have an amazing idea, but are not sure what do to with it? Or are you that writer who starts projects but just can’t figure out how to finish them?

Have you always wanted to be a writer but never had the chance/nerve/great idea that would make it happen? Or do you have a half-started Best Novel Ever stuck away in your closet awaiting the day you have the time/energy/drive to get it done?

Are you a “pantser” who flies by their seat?

I used to be one of those–until I developed this outlining program that takes from the core idea of the story all the way through to the finished novel in the easiest, most straightforward way possible.

If you’d like to finish that book, if you’d like to learn how to write YOUR bestseller–then my outlining course is the way to make it happen.

This nine module course teaches my method through video instruction and workbook exercises, and will take you from the first gem of your idea all the way through to completing your novel. The course includes 9 video modules and accompanying module workbooks.

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Module 1: Ideas
Where do your ideas come from and how do you help them evolve?

Module 2: Worksheet
Using the outlining worksheet to help you develop your idea.

Module 3: Characters
Who are your main characters and are you listening to what they are telling you?

Module 4: Three Stages of Normal
How does a story progress? Through the three stages of normal.

Module 5: Conflicts
Time to do some nasty things to your characters.

Module 6: Cards
Expanding your conflicts into scenes with this module.

Module 7: Connecting the dots
Creating the connective tissue between scenes.

Module 8: Chapters
Breaking down your outline into a chapter-by-chapter document.

Module 9: Planning
Time to sit down and write your book.

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