- Witch In The Kitch

Join Miriam Hayle, mother of young adult superstar Sydlynn Hayle (snort), each week as she tries a new cookie recipe. Stress on the tries. Hopefully without too many tears and no bloodshed. Can you guess Syd’s worried?

WITCH IN THE KITCH: Forgotten Cookies

Witch in the Kitch with Miriam Hayle   Forgotten Cookies  What fun! I really enjoy these weekly baking sessions with you. Shall we dive into our latest creation?       Ingredients 2...

WITCH IN THE KITCH: Butterscotch Haystacks

Witch in the Kitch with Miriam Hayle Butterscotch Haystacks  Well now, I do adore butterscotch, though chocolate is my favorite. Nice to try something different now and then, I always say! These cookies...
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