Pins and Needles is Here–with a Contest!

pins and needlessmA few months ago, I was approached by the fabulously talented Joseph Paul Haines. A writer of powerful work himself, he is also a publisher, the owner of Gryffynperch Books. Though it was Joseph who convinced me to go out on my own in the first place, he told me how excited he would be to publish one of my books under his label.

How could I say no? I jumped at the chance, honestly. Going it alone has be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, but having others behind me for certain projects can only be a good thing.

A single book evolved into a trilogy, Blunt House, a series I’ve been toying with for over a year now. Since the first two books were already outlined, and the ending of the series solid in my mind, I brought them up. And Joseph, as a huge fan of New Orleans and voodoo culture, said, “Hell yes.”

And so, Pins and Needles has been in production with his team at Gryffynperch since I delivered it in February. The amazing Annetta Ribken took over the content edit, and the equally brilliant Jennifer Wingard rounded out with copy editing, bringing my work, as usual, it to the next level. 

When we talked about the cover, neither Joseph or I were all that excited about the stock photography we found involving voodoo. Since the doll itself is so specific to the story, I volunteered to create, by hand, the very doll from the book. Had it photographed by the lovely Papercakes, Chelsea Ling and then transformed from the raw image into the amazing cover it has by Valerie Bellamy, the uber talent behind Dog-Ear Book Design.

I’m so excited to share it with you! Not to mention the fact there’s a contest to be won… want to know what the contest is all about? Head over to Gryffynperch Books Pins and Needles Launch and find out!

Happy Reading!

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I am a YA and Middle Grade novelist on the East Coast of Canada. Look for The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, (Acorn Press); The Hunted series, plus many, many more as I fulfill my dream of world literary domination.


  1. So much dedication! 🙂 Please note that I will NOT be signing up to win your doll. No way.

    • Oh, come on, Jennifer! You don’t want a voodoo doll of your very own? She’s so cute! And creepy! 🙂

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