Cover Reveal–and a Contest!

Fans of the Hayle Coven Novels know just how much I love the covers. LOVE. Most are pretty easy to guess who graces the image, but this time, I’m being sneaky…

Designed by the very talented Valerie Bellamy at Dog-Ear Book Design, may I present book twelve of the HCN: Queen of Darkness!

That’s the reveal! Gorgeous, isn’t she? But WHO, I ask you…

Contest time! Comment with your guess below. All right answers will be added to a draw for a signed copy of Family Magic (and swag, naturally 😉 ).

Not sure who she is? Yes, you’ve met her before. But there’s something different about her these days… hmmm. I’ll offer more hints if no one guesses correctly, but I just KNOW my brilliant HCN readers will peg her quickly 🙂

This contest will run until Queen of Darkness releases (because, you know I don’t want to ruin it for you!) the end of December. Updates on that release will happen on my Facebook page so stay tuned and Happy Reading! 

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  1. Amelia

  2. Hmmm…I believe it may be Syds paternal gram…Ol’ Gramzilla of theDark Plane %))

  3. Changed my mind…maybe not Gramzilla of the Dark Plane. I believe it may be the ever so lovely Sunny :))

  4. I can’t wait!!
    I think it is the queen of the fae

  5. oooooooooooh PLEASE tell us it Syds BFF Alison because she really looks like her

  6. I already guess but now I’m sobering if it is allison

  7. Wondering swype got me

  8. I def think it is Allison…that was my first thought

  9. Its Alison for sure 100%

  10. Allison is my new guess

  11. It’s either Allison or Ethpeal when she was younger.

  12. im gonna go with someone less obvious and say summer (quaids enforcer chick) if thats her name… if not then maybe mia?? x

  13. At the moment I am thinking Allison but I am not positive.

  14. Appears older than Allison, “enforcer chick” or Mia. Somehow I don’t see Ol’ Batchivia or any of those other Loonies as this Queen, they’re older than dirt and lack this confident persona.
    I still think Sunny would be the correct choice, but “someone” who is holding this contest doesn’t seem to agree with me :))

  15. I’m still sticking with Alison lol

  16. Batsheva

  17. I think she’s the queen of the sorcerers!

  18. I hate to be a follower but my best guess is Allison.

  19. im going to try BATCHIVIA she’s soooooo evil . i wouldn’t be surprised.

  20. Sunny!!!!

  21. It can only be Batsheva 🙂

  22. Bathsheba

  23. Batchivia

  24. Batchivia

  25. Bashteva Mormond

  26. It’s the Ol’ Batzilla AKA BATSHEVA! (Still think the beauty should be Sunny!)

  27. Has to be Batsheva

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