Just one more day! Are you ready for Kit/Kitalia? :)


One. More. Day. Are you ready for Kit MacLean?

When Kit first came to me, I wasn’t so sure about her. She’s fun and funny and perky and oh-so-optimistic. Where was her angst? Her anger and frustration with the world? This delightful girl with the perfect bangs and giant boots who tromped her way through my head the first time made me a little dizzy.

Until she started sharing with me what made her who she is and just what she decided to do about it.

Kit. Is. Incredible. And I’m so glad there’s only one more day between her and the rest of the world.

A final excerpt for you:

My messenger bag settles beside my boots, a notebook, fresh and ready to accept new knowledge—as much as my eager mind—sits open in front of me as Mr. Kamphe reads off roll call.

Hmmm. I had him for ninth grade math and forgot how droning and boring his voice is. I wince at the unkindness and, to distract myself from his monotone, begin my first doodle of the year.

A red dress. High heels. Helicopter to carry me away to a jet… I grin at the images as they evolve into a spaceship, a dragon in full flight, all brief lines and swirls surrounded by my favorite hearts and stars. An epic year. I can feel it.

For me. For Kitalia Ore…


            I enter CIA headquarters and check my watch as I step through the metal detectors, flashing my badge at the bored security guards at the door. I’m almost late for my meeting with my bosses, but I need a coffee before I go in. They are so boring—


“Kitten MacLean?” Mr. Kamphe is looking right at me while the class titters with giggles. Just like every year. So silly, my fellow students. As for Mr. Kamphe, he sounds a little exasperated. He must be tired already, I guess, though it’s only first day.

I beam at him and wave. My arm is going to get very tired today, I can tell. “Hi, Mr. Kamphe! Present.”

Well. At least, for now…

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