Awesomesauce Thursday: Slow Cooker Brilliance

awesomeAwesomesauce Thursday: Slow Cooker Brilliance

I know, I know—what’s with the domestication, Patti? Well, it’s fall and I’m lazy. Have I said how much I hate to cook? Loathe and despise this time sucking task. I’d rather scrub toilets.

This looks FABULOUS, however. Now, if only I could find someone to actually put it together for me…

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Man, I wish I had the freezer room. I’d do this in a heartbeat because I usually forget to make dinner 5 out of 7 nights. I’d do this for you if you scrub my toilet because I HATE THAT SHIZ!


  2. LOL, darling woman. I will trade you cooking for scrubbing toilets, which I loathe and despise. Wish I had a wand I could twirl and make the bathroom clean itself. But cooking, ah, that’s different. It’s the prep that takes the time, not so much the actual cooking of it. Today, I think…Chicken soup, cooked long and slow, with some tiny noodles in it at the end. And fresh sourdough bread I made myself. Almost nothing better.

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